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Consumers expect more from their “A-Grade” Auto Repair Shops

Did you know?

Not so long ago, having a good auto repair shop with decent service was all it took to be successful in the motor repair industry? … But that’s no longer true. According to a recent Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce survey, consumers are looking for a lot more from their local auto repair shop than just ordinary servicing and repairs.

The motor car today is far more complex and specialised than ever before and requires expert and often unique attention.

And because motor vehicles are more complex, consumers expect more …

  • Quick resolutions
  • Quality that meets their expectations
  • A choice of options
  • Honesty
  • No risk
  • Constant communication

The V.A.C.C. has recognised these consumer needs and has invited a very select number of members (only 50 members were initially selected) to participate in a newly formed Certified “A Grade” Network.

Certified “A Grade” Network members are auto repair shops that have been recognised by their industry as having expertise in particular areas of the motor industry. Only the best in their field of expertise have been invited to join.

Waverley Exhaust and Brake Centre were among the first to be invited to be Certified “A Grade” Network members.

The goal of the Certified “A Grade” Network is to be better equipped, better trained and provide better quality workmanship with exceptional customer service.

To obtain certification members have to pass vigorous workshop audits and prove to their peers that they hold all the necessary licenses and qualifications and are better equipped to meet consumer’s higher quality and service expectations.



And to ensure these stringent standards are met Certified “A Grade” Network member’s business practice, equipment and trade qualifications are audited annually by the V.A.C.C.

Waverley Exhaust has always believed in providing exceptional quality and customer service and now invites you to experience an even higher standard of excellence as an “A Grade” Network member.


Factory Scheduled Maintenance

If you want your vehicle to have a long and healthy life you have to maintain it on a regular basis.

Battery & Electrical Systems

Many electrical problems stem from loose and corroded battery connections? Battery grime can also cause leaks…

Steering & Suspension

It’s easy to take your suspension system for granted, but normal wear and tear can affect your handling and safety.

Cooling System

Aim for a scheduled change of coolant; cooling system flush & pH balancing of coolant at least every 2 years…

EPA Exhaust Noise Testing

The (EPA) has an enforcement program to minimise the number of noisy vehicles operating on Victorian roads…

Exhaust System Service & Repair

Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths. It’s a dangerous and potentially lethal toxin.

Brake Service & Repair

If you’re hearing unusual sounds when you brake or if your brake pedal is feeling squishy or too hard, have the team at Waverley Exhaust and Brake Centre do a brake inspection for you.

Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) Victoria

In the state of Victoria a roadworthy certificate is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if it is to be registered.

Things to know about log book servicing

Something your dealer probably didn’t mention about your new car is that you don’t need to have your new car serviced by your dealer to maintain your statutory warranty.

How often should you change your engine oil?

We recommend changing the oil in your vehicle every 10,000 km. Checking and changing the oil is essential to keep today’s engines working smoothly and efficiently.

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