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EPA Exhaust Noise Testing

Did you know?

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has a compliance and enforcement program in place to minimise the number of noncompliant noisy vehicles operating on Victorian roads. Under the scheme, the EPA has established approved inspection stations in Melbourne and regional areas. Vehicles reported to the EPA as being excessively noisy may be issued with a Notice to have the vehicle tested.

Vehicles issued with a Notice to have vehicle tested  require the registered owner to present the vehicle for inspection at an EPA approved inspection station to determine if the vehicle’s exhaust noise level and noise control equipment meet the legal requirements.

If the police or EPA officers establish a vehicle’s exhaust noise level exceeds the legal limits and/or the vehicles pollution control devices have been removed disconnected or impaired, they may issue the registered owner with a Notice to have vehicle tested. The owner must take any necessary actions to ensure the vehicle complies with the legal noise levels.

Once corrected, the owner must present the vehicle for an exhaust noise test and inspection at an EPA approved inspection station.

If an owner fails to comply with the requirements of an inspection notice, the EPA may suspend the vehicle’s registration. This may be because:

  • The owner failed to present a vehicle for inspection as required by the notice
  • Any subsequent defects were not rectified by the due date specified on the Notice to have vehicle tested
  • and the motor vehicle is in such a condition that its use in that condition would constitute an offence.

Only EPA approved testers can issue certificates of compliance.

EPA does not issue these certificates. We advise you to ring Colin or Chris on    9561 1522 to make an appointment to inspect your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Notice to have vehicle tested?

A Notice to have vehicle tested is a legal notice issued by the EPA to the registered owner of a vehicle. The notice requires presenting the vehicle for an exhaust noise test, to determine if the vehicle complies with environmental legislation.

Why did I receive a Notice to have vehicle tested?

The vehicle registered in your name has been reported to the EPA. The report indicated the vehicle is excessively noisy and is likely to be exceeding the legal noise levels.

What happens now that I have received a Notice to have vehicle tested?

You must take that vehicle to an EPA approved inspection station where it will be tested for noise levels. Before contacting an EPA approved inspection station, it is recommended you make any necessary repairs to the vehicle’s noise levels.

Who will carry out the noise test and inspection?

An EPA approved technician at Waverley Exhaust and Brake Centre will undertake the test and inspection. Our technicians have been trained by the EPA in vehicle exhaust noise testing.

When do I have to present the vehicle for testing and inspection?

The compliance due date is specified in the notice.

How much will the test and inspection cost?

The noise test fee is $80*, (*subject to change – current 2021 fee). This fee is charged for services and is not refundable. If your vehicle fails and the same tester conducts the retest, the retest fee is $80*, (*subject to change). This fee is also charged for services and is not refundable

What does the test and inspection involve?

Exhaust noise is measured when the engine is running at a predetermined engine speed (RPM). The maximum noise level at back off (when the engine RPM is reduced from the predetermined test speed) will also be measured. The vehicle’s exhaust noise level is the maximum average level recorded during the noise test. The vehicle’s noise control equipment will also be inspected

What will our technicians do when they have tested and inspected the vehicle?

Our technicians will complete a report recording the results of the test and inspection conducted on your vehicle. Following the inspection you will be given a copy of the report which you will need to send to the EPA. Our technicians can advise you of the results of the inspection and if further repairs are required.

What will happen if the noise test shows the vehicle exhaust noise levels meet the EPA’s requirements?

EPA compliance officers will review the report. If they are satisfied the vehicle noise levels meet the legal noise limits, you will receive a letter stating no further action is necessary.

What will happen if the noise test shows that the vehicle exhaust noise levels do not meet the EPA’s requirements?

The owner will be advised of the repairs to be completed by the compliance due date on the vehicle inspection notice. If this has lapsed, the EPA will issue a defective vehicle notice to the registered vehicle owner. You must undertake any necessary repairs and present the vehicle for reinspection.

How to get your certificate of compliance:
  1. Book your vehicle in for a EPA vehicle inspection by calling Colin or Chris on 9561 1522
  2. Bring your car in for the EPA inspection along with your driver’s license. A Licensed EPA vehicle tester will assess your car, a process that usually takes 1 hour.
  3. If the vehicle passes the inspection, a certificate of compliance will be issued.
  4. If the vehicle fails the inspection; we will provide a list of items that need to be rectified for the compliance certificate to be issued. We will also provide you with a quote of the necessary repair costs.
  5. Repairs need to be carried out and vehicle represented within 7 days. Repairs can be carried out by our fully trained mechanics or a mechanic of your own choosing.
  6. Make a booking for a re-inspection. If the repairs are satisfactory, a certificate of compliance will be issued.

Failure to comply with the requirements of a Notice to have vehicle tested by the compliance due date may result in the EPA suspending the vehicle’s registration.

If the registration is suspended, it is an offence to use the vehicle on a road or road related area, except to take the vehicle to a place to be tested or repaired in accordance with the requirements of an EPA notice or to return the vehicle from such a place to the place where the vehicle is usually kept.

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